Monday, November 30, 2009

Self-portrait & sunshine.

Today at work, my computer decided to update...again. I have Windows Vista at work (not by choice) and I have lost hours of my life waiting for updates to complete or reinstalling the OS entirely. It's ridiculous.


We have a spare office set up for occasions such as these (shouldn't that tell you something when you, the boss, is making a decision about computer software for your office? Okay, enough about Vista.) and I set up shop in there today. It was great because there are nice, big windows in this office with a view of the city. Today the sun was reflecting off the lake and making shine like silver. It was very pretty. On clear days you can see the windmill down at the Exhibition grounds, which I love (windmills always give me such a sense of hope). I happened to have my camera on me today, so I took a couple of pictures.

I love the graininess of this one:

And here is one of me, with my giant headphones on for podcasting:

Being in the spare office was a welcome break from my windowless area of the office. I love the sunshine and it's hard for me to watch it go as winter comes. I guess it wasn't so bad that Vista decided to update after all.

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