Monday, July 18, 2011

How was your weekend?

Hi friends,

It's another hot sticky day here in Toronto (and a Monday too!) We've had an endless parade of unrelentingly hot days lately; it's getting a little unbearable. Most Canadians are unlikely to say much against our nice summer days since they are so few, but when it's hot like this for weeks at a time, I find it hard not to complain (like I'm doing right now!)

Anyway, on to the weekend...

On Friday night we went to the movies to see Transformers and it was not as bad as it's predecessors, though I still wouldn't quite call it a good movie. But it's always nice to sit in the nice cool theatre with D. Plus we played pinball!

Saturday was our weekly epic sleep-in, followed by coffee and delicious chocolate-banana scones in the park near our house. The temperature was nice in the shade and we watched the babies and kids play in the wading pool, while talking about our own peapod. The rest of the day was errands, followed by long chats in the evening and movies in bed. One of my all-time favourite things is just sitting around and talking to D. We do this a lot and I never like it any fact, I like it more all the time.

Sunday was also another quiet day. It was hot, hot, hot (34 degrees without the humidity!) and we did a lot of laying around on our bed, our bedroom being the only air conditioned room in the house. I was awesomely cranky and D was funny and patient. This followed by baby shower chats, dinner and movies was a good end to the weekend.

I find myself getting easily overwhelmed this days, but at the same time I want to relish in the luxuriousness of being able to lay around all day, just the two of us.

How about you? Anything exciting?
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