Sunday, November 29, 2009

The most beautiful sound in the world

This weekend, we watched one of my all-time favourite movies, The Sound of Music. I don't remember watching this movie for the first time or how many times I've seen it, but I have loved it for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, few people I know share the same love for it and thus, I end up watching this movie alone most of the time. D watched it with me this time and though he liked it, I think he's partial to the stage version (preposterous, I know).

We have a copy of the 40th Anniversary Edition of the movie, which also included the A&E biography of the real Von Trapp family. The real story is similar, with a few key differences. One the biggest being that Maria did not love the Captain, sadly. The other major difference was the way in which the movie characters of Maria and the Captain are portrayed. In real life, their characteristics are reversed- the Captain was a sweet, gentle man and Maria was a bit of a tyrant...although, to her credit, she kept the family alive.

I just realized that this blog was turning into a book report. The bottom line is, both the movie and the true story are incredible in their own right. And as for the influence of the Sound of Music on people and popular culture...well, just search YouTube for some footage of the massive Sound of Music singalongs that take place all over the world and I think you'll get an idea.

The real Von Trapps:

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer as the Von Trapps:

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