Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When I was little, my mom carried tote bags everywhere. Perhaps this is because she was/is a teacher and tote bags are the best things to carry books and papers in, aside from a backpack and my mother has never been the backpack kind. Well, I never got it. I always thought it seems cumbersome to lug all those bags around. I'm very much a backpack kind of girl, or was, until I moved to the city. (I swore I'd never carry a purse and now I never leave the house without my black leather purse from Fossil. Ha!)

As it turns out, I'm becoming a tote carrier too. Last summer, when I was in Germany, D's friend Sandy gave me my very first tote bag from her shop, RoyalWe. It's thin, light and it's made of modern looking black & white print. I used the bag a lot in the summer and since then, I keep eying other tote bags. Seriously, how many does one person need? It's likely that I'll only ever carry one a time anyway! That being said, I recently acquired this bag:

But that's it, I swear! But in case anyone else out there is looking for a good tote bag, take a look at this one:

It just goes to show you- no matter what you think you like or don't like, your tastes and opinions are constantly evolving as you grow, in both big and small ways.

(First tote is from Alphabetbags.com; the second is from APC)

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