Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Always with Us

I recently saw these pictures on Pete Dungey's website. He's an artist who plants flowers in potholes. Brilliant.

These pictures remind me of a conversation I had with one of my teachers back in highschool. At the time, a stretch of woods near my house was about to be buldozed to make way for a new highway and I was upset about it. My teacher and I were talking and she pointed out that no matter how hard we humans try to squash all the nature around us, nature always, always prevails. She reminded me that even the toughest concrete cracks over time because lush, soft green plants are pushing with all their might below. We've all seen little weeds and flowers growing out of sidewalks before but I don't think we consider how much effort it took for them to break the concrete that is suffocating them or the fact that those delicate plants, with the help of humidity and frigid cold, actually did all the work.

Pictures like the ones above and this incident remind me that the real world is always with us. No matter what. No matter what we do. You could be standing on a sidewalk in Toronto, drinking a latte and texting on your Blackberry, and you'll look up and they're could be a deer looking back at you.


  1. I like this one.

    I think this relates to one of the major misunderstandings of the environmental movement. Generally people aren't as concerned anout the planet for the sake of it, but rather because we rely on it in some very obivious and some not so obvious ways. Your teacher was right. Earth isn't going anywhere, but people I'm not as sure of.


  2. i just wish it wont get run over.

    lovely blog dear.that previous post is so cool!


  3. as cute as that is, if i saw it in the street i would swerve around it and probably crash!
    but seriously sweet!
    xoxo alison


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