Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today. Today was a day for grown ups. That's me. Nowadays.

I woke up, showered, then left the house to catch the 501 to work. Texting with my boss about meeting on the way there, while drinking tea. When I got to work, I read throigh my emails, looked at my to-do list and checked my bank account. Uh-oh. House insurance payment didn't go through. Emailed banker to reverse charges that caused the bounce, called D and insurance broker. Banker reversed the charges= problem solved. Leave office in a cab for a meeting, passing the shanty town of teenagers on the sidewalks waiting for wristbands for the MMVA's and their chance to see Lady Gaga.

Grab lunch with boss and her equally as impressive mother, then drive to Markham for client meeting. Meeting with out client who is full of potential but having trouble getting off the ground. Make recommendation, have some laughs, leave. Drive back to the office in terrible traffic, even at at 2pm, grab lunch and catch up on emails again.

Talk co-worker down from the panic attack she's having, write fact sheet for a product launch, leave office at 6:30. Talk to my mother all the way home about family and life.

Get off the phone and clean the bathtub. Start dinner, text with D about the pleasure of hearing little kids playing outside. Stir the meal I'm making and think about how grown up I feel today. Can't believe John Tesh is talking about how Facebook and other social networks are often the catalyst for cheating. How is that news?

Did I mention I'm 22 weeks pregnant?

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